Engage Until He Comes

Luke 19.13: “Calling ten of his servants, he gave them ten minas, and said to them, “Engage in business until I come.”

The annual mission conference is an important event in the life that challenges us in meeting the Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all nations”.

CMPC held its first annual mission conference in 1974 with a goal to raise $5,000 for world missions. God moved in a powerful way, and more than $20,000 was pledged, enabling the church to support 11 missionaries. Since 2010 our annual Mission Faith Promise has ranged between $320,000 to $360,000. Today we support over 60 missionaries in over 21 countries. Beyond the faith promise, we also send over 80 church members on mission journeys each year.

Each year we invite a well-known speaker to bring a message on missions. Additionally, we have many of our CMPC supported missionaries with us so that we can connect with them over coffee, meals, and various fellowship opportunities.

This 2022 conference is March 9-13.

Conference Schedule


  • Wednesday, March 9
    • 5:15pm Dinner
    • 6:30pm Missionary Testimonies
    • 7:30pm Desserts from Around the World
  • Thursday, March 10
    • 5:15pm Dinner
    • 6:30pm Missionary Round Robin
    • 7:30pm Coffee and Conversation
  • Friday, March 11
    • 5:15pm Dinner
    • 6:30pm Worship Service
  • Saturday, March 12
    • 8:00am Men’s Breakfast
    • 10:00am Women’s Brunch
    • 5:15pm International Dinner
    • 6:30pm Worship Service
  • Sunday, March 13
    • 8:30 and 11:00am Lord’s Day Worship Services
    • 10:00am Sunday School with Missionaries
    • 6:30pm Lord’s Day Evening Worship Service

Our Missionaries


Nate & Kasia Tunnell – Poland

Brian & Megan Moore – Germany

Alex & Maggie Halbert– Honduras

Bill & Mae Lee Letchworth – Canada

Brett McAlpin – Scotland

Carrie Rice – Canada


Jess Roth, Out of Darkness


Alan & Kim Foster – MNA-Church Planter Recruiting


Jeff & Caroline Thompson –RUF-International, UGA

Caysie Ashton – RUF, UGA (only Sat. night)