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Make a Purse and Change a Life!

We Can Make A Difference!

The girls we are serving in Zambia live in extreme poverty, many of them teens raising younger siblings after the death of one or both parents. They generally eat one meal a day, if that. They must stay home when on their periods because of lack of sanitary supplies. We try to supply the girls with purses filled with panties, reusable feminine hygiene supplies, and soap. When they can attend school, they often receive their noon meal and sometimes food to take home. If we can keep them in school, they are more likely to stay healthy and get an education, which can help end the poverty cycle.

We donate the purses and hire local women to make the reusable pads. We purchase the underwear from the Philippines as seconds at a very good price. However, it costs about $5 to stuff each purse, so we do accept donations, for shipping, stuffing the purses, and hiring local to make feminine hygiene pads.

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Saturday,  June 11th in the Fellowship Hall

9:00am to 2:00pm

Ladies please come and assist us as we prepare and sew purses for women and girls in Zambia who live in extreme poverty.  Volunteers will sew purses that will be stuffed with products that allow girls to stay in school and also provide jobs for women.  Scripture cards will also be prepared and provided in the finished purses.  Supplies Needed:  scissors and sewing machines (if you have one).  Snacks and bottled water will be provided.  All items needed to create and finish the purses and note cards will be provided.