Lots of Ways to Serve

CMPC exists to glorify and enjoy God through equipping people to delightfully obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission in Chestnut Mountain and around the world.

Get Involved

Mountain Climbers (Age 55+)

Mountain Climbers serve our congregation in many ways, such as on the Session, the Diaconate, and the Women’s Ministry Council, in the Choir, teaching Sunday School and VBS and on short-term mission teams. Their gifts continue to play a vital role in the spiritual growth of our larger Church family.

We meet for dinner and fellowship on the third Monday of each month, September through May. Dinner is a catered meal at 6:30pm, followed by a program with a guest speaker. The cost of the meal is $8.00, paid at the door. Reservations are necessary to insure enough food is prepared by the caterer.

Music Ministry

Our ministry is guided by the notion that God is the Audience. Our goal is to blend our best worship offerings to give adoration and praise to God. Every Lord’s Day at CMPC is a rich opportunity to offer to the Lord an expression of love from the heart; for when we bond in worship, we are indeed the “whole family of faith,” the Church.

At CMPC, the most important “choir” is the congregation. We strive to bring every worshiper into participation in the congregational singing, whether it is an historic hymn, a majestic chorale, a folk hymn, a praise song, or a gospel chorus. Every worshiper is a member of that “choir” and owes God their best participation. Prayerfully consider how you may serve the Lord and His people by participating in a musical ensemble, a choir, or as a choir helper. To get started, contact Richard MacLagan, Minister of Music, at 770-967-3440/ext. 113.

CMPC Blood Drive

CMPC hosts blood drives with LifeSouth Community Blood Centers every nine weeks and spreads them out over two consecutive Wednesdays to allow as much participation as possible. Our church has donated over 5,000 pints of blood and is known as the most giving church in the world.

“I keep a list of anybody who has ever donated blood at one of our drives,” said Kennedy Smart. “I don’t mind urging them to give, even to calling them if necessary.”