Join a Class

All of our classes are such that a newcomer may begin attending without feeling completely lost with the content. Questions? Contact Ben Phillips, Pastor of Ministries, at 770-967-3440/ext. 115.

Adult Classes

The following adult Sunday School classes are inter-generational and range in age and life stages, from single to married:

The Book of James

CMPC currently offers a class devoted to the book of James. The class is a verse by verse discussion of the text and is led by a rotation of teachers.

Taught by Bob Bradbury, Tom Day, John King and Jim Zeller  in the Fellowship Hall upstairs.

The Book of Hebrews

Join us for a verse by verse discussion of this important book. Taught by David Martin, Ben Phillips and John Rollo in Room A107 downstairs.

The 2018 Ligonier Conference ``Awakening``

Taught by Keith Cox, Benny Hurley and Jack Sweeney in Room A110 downstairs.

So What About Us?

This class focuses on that morning’s Sermon and where we will have the opportunity to share in the discussion of its scriptural content, the main points presented and how we can extend the application into our own lives. Led by Marty Moore in Room A105 downstairs.

History of the Christian Church.

The teaching comes to us via video lectures by Dr. John Gerstner, followed by a discussion led by Doug Ostien. Dr. Gerstner examines the twists and turns of church history, addressing major theological developments along the way.

Taught by Doug Ostien in Room A114 downstairs.

The Harvest

The Gospel and Evangelism: A discussion of the gospel and how to be encouraged to share our faith with a lost and broken world.

Many Christians want to share their faith in Christ, but are often scared, intimidated, or simply do not know what to say. When Christians completely understand the gospel, they are transformed by it and able to share the message of hope to a broken world. A misunderstood gospel delivers a confusing message. Taught by Dee Hammond,  Room A102 (The Gathering Room).

Becoming Biblically Fluent

This class is an opportunity for people at various levels of biblical literacy to grow towards biblical fluency and be an encouragement towards others on this path.  Led by Roger Phillips and Robert Martin in room A112. 

What is Church Membership All About?

Taught by Pastor John in his study.

Women’s Class: Understanding Your Blessings in Christ

A study of Ephesians by Elizabeth George

Taught by Claudia Rollo in the Parlor upstairs across from the pastors’ offices.

College Class:

Applying a Biblical Worldview to Cultural Concerns

Join us as we study Romans.Taught by Andy Jobson in room A104 downstairs.

Children’s Classes

Age 2 – 5th Grade

Committed adults give instruction to our children about God and His redemptive plan through age-appropriate lessons and activities that are true to Scripture. The following is a list of classroom assignments by age:

  • 2 Year Olds: Room A214
  • 3 Year Olds: Room A216
  • 4 Year Olds: Room A218
  • Kindergarten: Room A215 (Worship Services: Children’s Church)
  • 1st Grade I: Room A207
  • 1st Grade II: Room A209
  • 2nd Grade: Room A202
  • 3rd Grade: Room A 201
  • 4th Grade: Room A213
  • 5th Grade: Room A210

Youth Classes

The Sunday School hour is a great time for students to grow in their understanding of Reformed Theology. CMPC is committed to the Great Commission Publications curriculum.

Middle School Girls

Becky Batusic & Linda Hutchinson The Kingdom Comes, a study of the book of Matthew Room A111

Middle School Boys

Bruce Burch & Jason Wallis This Sunday’s Sermon Scripture preview & application A109

High School

High School students meet in the Youth room. We are studying the book of Joshua this semester.