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Cornerstone Youth Ministry

To see that CMPC’s youth grow into mature believers who are both learning and becoming equipped to joyfully obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

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Our Vision

CMPC Cornerstone Youth seeks to assist families in equipping and encouraging students to become active members in the local and global body of Christ in order to reach Chestnut Mountain and beyond.


Assist families

The family unit is foundational to the spiritual growth and the development of students. Therefore, Cornerstone Youth ministry seeks to train, equip, and enable parents to play a pivotal role in the spiritual formation of their student, all while reinforcing this teaching in our weekly meetings.

How we do this:

  • Parenting seminars
  • Family – focused events
  • Utilizing parents as volunteers
  • No “youth worship section” on Sunday mornings
  • Weekly family discussion questions after WNA

Encourage Christian maturity through integration into the larger church body

The youth group should not be isolated from the main body of believers within a church, but should instead be incorporated into the body as a whole.  Therefore, the youth ministry should provide opportunities for the youth to interact with, serve beside, and join in worship with church members of all ages.

How we do this:

  • Grade groups encourage interaction and discipleship from other adults
  • Discussion leaders in WNA and SS
  • Encouraging students to attend church-wide events
  • Encouraging students to serve in other areas of the church (children’s church, VBS, etc.)

Equip students through God-centered community

While CMPC Cornerstone Youth interacts with the larger church body, deep spiritual friendships are also be encouraged between the youth.  Peer relationships are aimed at encouraging one another toward a mature faith, as well as faithful accountability and a strengthening of Christian fellowship.

How we do this:

  • Maintaining a combined middle/high school WNA
  • Providing small group discussions divided by age and gender during SS, WNA, and Grade groups.
  • Retreats aimed at strengthening friendships while simultaneously welcoming new students
  • Opportunities to strengthen fellowship by serving alongside one another

Active faith

CMPC Cornerstone Youth seeks to teach and demonstrate a mature and active Christian faith.  This will result in confidence in God’s provision, wisdom, love, and care, and also a love for serving the church and a heart bent toward serving others’ spiritual and physical needs.

How we do this:

  • Multiple opportunities to serve church members and local ministries throughout the year
  • Involvement in church work days
  • Cross cultural mission journeys

Reach non-Christian youth and families

CMPC Cornerstone Youth seeks to teach students and families how to engage non-Christian friends, neighbors, and colleagues. As families share their faith, we hope the youth ministry will become an accessible entry point into the church.

How we do this:

  • Outreach specific events
  • Intentional welcoming station

Get Started with Grade Groups

Grade Groups are life-on-life discipleship groups made up of students of the same grade and gender. Grade Groups are intended to take Students deeper in God’s Word and its daily application and deepen relationships with fellow believers. Interested in joining?

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